Transit Applications

JMK has developed a number of products to serve the transit industry.  These products include:

  • Battery chargers
  • PA Amplifiers
  • Power Distribution Units
  • Power Filters

Many of these products have been in service for many years in thousands of installations,

Some of the products are listed below.

Unit DescriptionPart NumberNOTES
PA AmplifierZG-1449-182 channels, 20 W per channel
PA AmplifierZG-1589-182 channels, 20 W per channel,
AGC ready, VOX mic input
PA AmplifierZG-1633-182 channels, 20 W per channel,
AGC ready, mic timeout ckt
Battery Backup/power distributionGG-1141-158 – 16 volt in
13.8 volt out
Filters and protection circuits
Power ConverterGG-1508-2021 – 46 Volt in
13.8 Volt out
Power ConverterGG-1570-2010.6 to 16.2 Volt in
13.8 Volt out
Power ConverterAA-1538-148 – 15 Volt in
13,8 Volt out, 4A
JMK is able to supply variations of most of our filters. For inquiries contact the Engineering Department.